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History of the Building

The original structure was built in 1863 and served as a School House until 1965. The School House was made up of one room and it was known as Maple View Public School. In 1966 the property was sold to the Canadian Legion 418 and the building was renovated to its present state. Finally, in 2001, The Old School House Daycare center was created to help our community continue to grow through education and employment. The building holds a lot of memories and for many reasons should be declared an historical site.

The current owners purchased the center in 2008 and hope to continue to create many new and wonderful memories!  In the picture you can see the original building, today the pre-school room!

Daycare 2008 (68).jpg

Our Philosophy

Our staff believes that learning should be fun and be provided in a structured environment. Our activity centers will express children’s creative interests in all areas; the children are our main focus. The purpose of The New Old School-House daycare is to provide a challenging, warm and caring environment that enhances your child’s emotional, social, physical and intellectual development. Through the qualified staff and play experiences, the children learn about their world.

Current Owners

Alba & Diego settled in Belleville in 2008 where they are raising their two daughters while actively managing the daycare. Alba holds the position of Director, taking duties such as Customers and Government relations, programming, etc.

Diego takes care of the nutrition program as well as accounting and some maintenance duties.

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