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The daycare follows the Ministry guidelines for preparing healthy balanced meals. We have four weekly menu plans which we rotate monthly and are changed for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Three meals are prepared and served at the daycare: 

BREAKFAST: 8:30am - LUNCH: 11:00am - PM SNACK: 2:45pm

Being raised in Italy, Diego carries the culinary background of that land where food is considered one of predominant part of one's lifestyle. The simplicity, quality and origin of the ingredients  are all key factors in the preparations of our meals. Organic, non-GMO, Naturally-Raised, Wild, Seasonal, are all words we like to use when buy and look for ingredients. 

We believe nutrition is key in human well-being and an important part in child development; our goal is always to look for the most natural type of product the industry can supply and whenever possible to get local farmed groceries and/or ingredients imported from Italy.
NOSH Daycare currently serves only Canadian or Icelandic wild-caught Cod, Haddock and/or Salmon.

Children with special dietary needs and allergies are considered when meals are prepared. An allergy list is posted in every room where food is prepared or served. There may be some occasions when parents may be required to provide alternate foods or drinks for children on special medical diets.

We enforce a No-Junk-Food policy, almost all our meals are prepared from scratch following a Mediterranean-style diet and using the most natural, nutritious and freshest ingredients. 

- If you can't read an ingredient, you shouldn't eat that product -

Current supplier of Beef products:
Jubilee Farm

Imported from Italy:
Tuna,Lugumes,Pasta, Biscotti,Tomato Sauce,Olive Oil,Parmigiano

Infants & Toddlers are served either Goat's or Organic Whole Milk

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